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Beat Navy Blanket
NOTE: Limited number in stock.  If you see PRE-ORDER button, then estimated ship late December. West Point alumni deserve to celebrate their school pride. That’s why we’ve designed unique, baby, child-sized, and throw blankets that resemble the "Go Army, Beat Navy"...
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Super Soft Throw Blanket
  Size: 50" x 60" Throw Front: Quartz/Sea Glass Hide Shannon Fabric *Available in other colors upon request with a 2-3 week turnaround. Backing:  Ivory Brooklyn Shannon Fabric is a cuddle, minky fabric that is ribbed and textured
Coral Blooms Double Cuddle Throw Blanket
  Size: 50" x 60" Throw Print: Coral Blooms Floral, Shannon Digital Cuddle Backing:  Shannon Fabric Cuddle plush fabric has a textured, velvety surface that features an adorable dimple embossed design
from $84
Circle Flower Minky Throw Blanket
Full throw size, perfect for cuddling up for a movie or reading a good book.  These bright-eyed flowers almost leak Vitamin D—it’s that happy. Choose the color/texture backing to make it the perfect minky throw blanket.  This is part of our double cuddle...
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Aruba After The Rain Dimple Cuddle
Somewhere over the rainbow…kids sleep soundly through the night! Especially with this cuddly, dapple-dimpled blanket that evokes sweet, colorful dreams. Size:28" x 40" Baby40" x 52" Child50" x 60" Throw  Print: After The Rain, 100% super snuggle cotton flannelBacking: Aruba -...
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