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Highest rated baby blankets that are customized
Create a Luxe Cuddle Blanket
Need to match a baby shower or nursery theme? Or, maybe you’d like to pick the pattern and plush fabric combo you prefer. This live preview shows exactly how your blanket will look, including any personalization. Choose from over 150...
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Aruba Be a Unicorn Dimple Cuddle
Put your unicorn hair in the air like you just don’t care! The result is a colorful pattern sure to mesmerize and please. If not, the sweet-textured, cuddle minky custom baby blanket will do the trick.  Size:27" x 27" Newborn28" x...
from $38
Silver Glow in the Dark Planets Dimple Cuddle
When you wish upon these shooting stars, they glow! Planets evoke the magic of the universe, while deep space blue and silvery-dimpled plush lead to relaxed, sound sleep. Size:27" x 27" Newborn28" x 40" Baby40" x 52" Child Print: Navy...
from $35
Frosted Rose Tropical Palm Luxe Cuddle
A subtle, tropical print with light-pink rosette plush. Dainty enough for the sweetest of babes, yet fun in its equatorial flair. Size:27" x 27" Newborn28" x 40" Baby40" x 52" Child Print: Tropical Palm, 100% super snuggle cotton flannel Backing:...
from $35
Coral Watercolor Flowers Luxe Cuddle
A floral print to match each season, with colors reminiscent of winter blue, spring pink, summer turquoise, and autumn orange. Paired with soft, coral-rose plush that cuddles kids through their seasons, too. Size:27" x 27" Newborn28" x 40" Baby40" x...
from $35
Coral Floral Rose Luxe Cuddle
Warm pastel florals and watermelon-hued rosettes make this blanket sweet and elegant. You can almost smell the dense garden and feel the soft, velvety petals. When it’s not wrapped around your little one, this makes a pretty accessory anywhere and...
from $35
Aruba Happy Whales Dimple Cuddle
Imagine gliding with the current and splashing in the open ocean. Dotted with happy little whales and backed with sea foam green fabric, this customized blanket inspires nothing less than a perfect day under the sea. Size:27" x 27" Newborn28"...
from $35
Red Dig Dig Double Cuddle
Construction is rough and tumble, but not at this site. This double cuddle blanket has super, minky plush on both sides. Big truck lovers can revel in the noise and dirt while cloaked in clean, cozy comfort. Size:27" x 27"...
from $38

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