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Yellow Koala Minky (non-cuddle fabric)
Let your kiddo feel the love with this cute animal print. Surrounded with hearts, koala hugs, and soft, dimpled fabric, kids will know they’re safe and sound—even when you can’t endlessly cuddle. Size: 30" x 40" Backing: Yellow Minky Print:...
$39 $34
Silver Abstract Clouds Striped Minky
Skies of blue and clouds of white are reversed in this vibrant, abstract blanket that soothes the senses. Soft, striped fabric adds feelings of texture to soft, silky skin. Size: 30" x 40" Backing: Gray, Soft, striped, minky fabric Print:...
$39 $32
Ivory Blue Space Dimple Minky
Thoughts of infinite space—and the soothing color of deep blue—can lull any tyke into an enchanted sleep. Wrapped in this plush fabric and dreaming of distant galaxies, your budding astronaut will stay warm and comforted all night long.Size: 30" x...
$39 $32
Sage Green Sketch Animals Sew Lush
Lions and hippos and giraffes—oh my! Send your little one on a warm and cozy safari with cute wild animals. The underbelly of soft, warm green feels like a lush oasis, keeping your cub content. Size: 30" x 40" Backing:...
$39 $30
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