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Dinosaur minky blankets for boys and girls
Silver Skater Dinos Dimple Cuddle
If you can imagine dinosaurs alive today, then it isn’t a stretch to visualize them transported from a green, archaic swamp to a gray, concrete jungle. And yes, they’d probably dig modern music and the invention of the wheel. Size:...
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Sand Glow in the Dark Dinosaurs Luxe Cuddle
Dino exteriors may be rough and reptilian, but the soft, lamb-like backing of this blanket couldn’t be more opposite. Glow-in-the dark light offers an extra level of comfort and luminous wonder.  Size:28" x 40" Baby40" x 52" Child Print: Realistic Dinos,...
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Sand Realistic Dinosaurs Luxe Cuddle
This is more than just a pattern. It’s a life-like scene—a habitat of jungle and prehistoric animals that co-existed on ancient Earth. The thick and plush sherpa fabric resembles the dirt beneath those massive footprints.  Size:28" x 40" Baby40" x...
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Orange Dinos in the City Dimple Cuddle
It’s not just King Kong and Godzilla that trek through cities. These dinos blend in perfectly on the city streets playing hide-and-seek—causing much less damage! The only threat is a silly reptilian head peeking into a high-rise apartment.  Size:  28"...
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Baby Blue Dinosaur Outlines Luxe Cuddle
The usual favorites—T. Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops—make an uproarious appearance. Clean, simple, stenciled outlines are easy for kids to recognize. Soft, luxe hide plush makes an even more memorable impression. Soon enough, you’ll have an apprentice paleontologist.  Size:27" x 27" Newborn28"...
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Blush Pink Flower Dinos Luxe Cuddle
Girls love dinosaurs too! Herbivores or carnivores, dinos are loud, strong, and super cool—especially when trekking through flowers. After a good roar, kids will find peace in an underbelly of divine, rosy plush. Size: 28"x40" Print: Pink Dinos, 100% super...
from $46
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