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Coral Floral Rose Luxe Cuddle
Warm pastel florals and watermelon-hued rosettes make this blanket sweet and elegant. You can almost smell the dense garden and feel the soft, velvety petals. When it’s not wrapped around your little one, this makes a pretty accessory anywhere and...
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Sand Stay Wild Luxe Cuddle
Inspire a love of animals—if your wild thing isn’t already head over heels for them. Perfect for an animal-themed nursery. Made with extra plush, 10mm pile resembling a soft stuffed animal...or a furry wild animal hide. Size:27" x 27" Newborn28"...
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Frosted Rose Tropical Palm Luxe Cuddle
A subtle, tropical print with light-pink rosette plush. Dainty enough for the sweetest of babes, yet fun in its equatorial flair. Size:27" x 27" Newborn28" x 40" Baby40" x 52" Child Print: Tropical Palm, 100% super snuggle cotton flannel Backing:...
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Baby Blue Celestial Wilderness Luxe Cuddle
Let kids feel the warmth of your love with this soft, furry plush. It’s as toasty as the night-wandering, thick-coated animals feel while reflecting starry, moon-filled skies. Soft, cool-toned blue further soothes the senses. Size:27" x 27" Newborn28" x 40"...
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Baby Blue SK8 Monsters Double Cuddle
Cute monsters are heading to the skate park! Nothing can make monsters less scary than turning them into playmates. These silly skaters are complete with an underside of soft, baby blue plush.  Size:  27" x 27" Newborn28" x 40" Baby40"...
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Black Wilderness Block Luxe Cuddle
While deep asleep, the wilderness is calling to that sweet, resting head. With motivational sayings and bold black and white print, kids are destined to feel the lure of future adventure. There’s also plenty to feast little eyes on, from...
from $33
Blush Pink Planets Luxe Cuddle
Say night-night and let kiddos swiftly fall asleep dreaming of soft-colored planets and other astronomical wonders. Backing of extra-supple plush feels like a dream within a dream. Size:27" x 27" Newborn28" x 40" Baby40" x 52" Child Print: Planets, 100%...
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Blush Pink Rainbows and Sun Luxe Cuddle
Here comes the sun, little darling! Rain and tears always give way to brighter days and beautiful rainbows. Plus, cuddly fabric is perfect for calming tantrums and fraught senses. Size:27" x 27" Newborn28" x 40" Baby40" x 52" Child Print:...
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Baby Blue Animal Racers Luxe Cuddle
Beep beep! Cuteness coming through! Nostalgic-looking cars, dapper hats, and a fun variety of wild animals make this a wheelie fun blanket. Uber-soft, baby-blue backing calmly compliments the thrill of this fun race. Size:27" x 27" Newborn28" x 40" Baby40"...
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Baby Blue Dragons & Castles Luxe Cuddle
Medieval never goes out of style and is perfect for any young knight or princess. This is a colorful, fun pattern that inspires the noblest—and wildest—of imaginations. It’s complimented by soft, blue backing that also comforts even the bravest little...
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Blush Pink Cute Houses Luxe Cuddle
Wrapped in cozy, pink polyester, young tykes will love finding all the objects in this charming, town-themed pattern. From animals and trees to various colors and shapes, there is much to see—and even more to imagine.   Size: 28"x40" Print:...
Baby Blue Dinosaur Outlines Luxe Cuddle
The usual favorites—T. Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops—make an uproarious appearance. Clean, simple, stenciled outlines are easy for kids to recognize. Soft, luxe hide plush makes an even more memorable impression. Soon enough, you’ll have an apprentice paleontologist.  Size:27" x 27" Newborn28"...
from $35
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Baby Blue Whales Luxe Cuddle
Kiddos will enjoy finding shapes, bubbles, and blowholes in this darling, pacifying print. Backed with lovable and smooth minky plush hide, “I Whale Always Love You” makes an extra impact.  Size: 28"x40" Print: Whales Main, 100% super snuggle cotton flannelBacking:...
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