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Hide Throw Blanket
  Size: 50" x 60" Throw Front: Quartz/Sea Glass Hide Shannon Fabric *Available in other colors upon request with a 2-3 week turnaround. Backing:  Ivory Brooklyn Shannon Fabric is a cuddle, minky fabric that is ribbed and textured
Beat Navy Blanket
NOTE: Available for pre-order.  Estimated ship date of early May. **  Officially licensed with the United States Military Academy ** West Point alumni deserve to celebrate their school pride. That’s why we’ve designed unique, baby, child-sized, and throw blankets that resemble...
from $86
Aruba After The Rain Dimple Cuddle
Somewhere over the rainbow…kids sleep soundly through the night! Especially with this cuddly, dapple-dimpled blanket that evokes sweet, colorful dreams. Size:28" x 40" Baby40" x 52" Child50" x 60" Throw  Print: After The Rain, 100% super snuggle cotton flannelBacking: Aruba -...
from $46
Coral Blooms Double Cuddle Throw Blanket
  Size: 50" x 60" Throw Print: Coral Blooms Floral, Shannon Digital Cuddle Backing:  Shannon Fabric Cuddle plush fabric has a textured, velvety surface that features an adorable dimple embossed design
from $84
Stock Room Sale Items
The beautiful blankets you see in these pictures? Well, these sales models are on sale! With 90% of our blanket orders customized, these showpieces are often available. They make perfect quick-order gifts for that last-minute baby shower or nursery. Size:28" x...
$46 $34
Circle Flower Minky Throw Blanket
Full throw size, perfect for cuddling up for a movie or reading a good book.  These bright-eyed flowers almost leak Vitamin D—it’s that happy. Choose the color/texture backing to make it the perfect minky throw blanket.  This is part of our double cuddle...
from $84
Baylor Inspired Blanket
Pass on school pride to the littlest family cubs. This inviting, Baylor-inspired blanket will quickly inspire collegiate hopefuls—all while training them for cuddles and solid zzzzzzzzs, first. Size:28" x 40" Infant40" x 52" ChildFront: Pine Green - Shannon Fabric Cuddle fabric has...
from $69
Coral Dimple Sunshine & Rainbows
Here comes the sun, little darling! Rain and tears always give way to brighter days and beautiful rainbows. Plus, cuddly fabric is perfect for calming tantrums and fraught senses.  Size:27" x 27" Newborn28" x 40" Baby40" x 52" Child Print:...
from $35
Red Dig Dig Double Cuddle
Construction is rough and tumble, but not at this site. This double cuddle blanket has super, minky plush on both sides. Big truck lovers can revel in the noise and dirt while cloaked in clean, cozy comfort. Size:27" x 27"...
from $38
Blanket Bundles
$81 from $73
Blanket Bundles
Fill your cart with comfy blankets without surfing our site. These bundles get you the right size, style, and optional burp cloths in a hurry. With cute themes and endlessly cozy material, you can’t go wrong (even on a time...
$81 from $73
Navy Dark Floral Luxe Cuddle
This is not your grandmother’s china, but it’s just as graceful and polished. With an antique but modern flair, the blue floral soothes little senses. Plus, the soft, 12 pile sherpa texture gives comfort a whole new meaning. Size:27" x...
from $33
Black Wilderness Block Luxe Cuddle
While deep asleep, the wilderness is calling to that sweet, resting head. With motivational sayings and bold black and white print, kids are destined to feel the lure of future adventure. There’s also plenty to feast little eyes on, from...
from $33
Azure Jammin Sharks Dimple Cuddle
These sunglasses have nothing to hide...or do they? Sharks are famous for being mysterious and tough. But this shiver (or group) of sharks is nothing to worry about! Perfect for your shark or sea-loving kiddo, with ocean-colored dimple fabric to...
from $35
Azure Pirate Map Dimple Cuddle
Let your little ones play captain while they sail the seas looking for new shores, wild animals, and buried treasure. They can explore the map while wrapped in blue, dimpled plush that feels like the wavy ocean...but warmer! Size:27" x...
from $35
Azure Highway Dimple Cuddle
Road trips with mom and dad aren’t so bad when you’re car-seat-cruisin’ along Route 66 in a cushiony blanket! Perfect for a car-loving kid...or anyone overdue for a nap on the long, wild road.  Size:27" x 27" Newborn28" x 40"...
from $35
Midway Panther Blankets
Midway blankets will be made using high quality Shannon Fabrics which are super soft.  The top fabric is bright blue cuddle with Midway logo embroidered on the top.  The bottom fabric is a red paw cuddle and binded with a...
from $65
Create a Cuddle Blanket
Need to match a baby shower or nursery theme? Or, maybe you’d like to pick the pattern and plush fabric combo you prefer. This live preview shows exactly how your blanket will look, including any personalization.  Size:28" x 40" Baby40"...
$54 from $49
Frosted Rose Tropical Palm Luxe Cuddle
A subtle, tropical print with light-pink rosette plush. Dainty enough for the sweetest of babes, yet fun in its equatorial flair. Size:27" x 27" Newborn28" x 40" Baby40" x 52" Child Print: Tropical Palm, 100% super snuggle cotton flannel Backing:...
from $35
Coral Watercolor Flowers Luxe Cuddle
A floral print to match each season, with colors reminiscent of winter blue, spring pink, summer turquoise, and autumn orange. Paired with soft, coral-rose plush that cuddles kids through their seasons, too. Size:27" x 27" Newborn28" x 40" Baby40" x...
from $35
Pine Green Park Map Cuddle
The world is a playground of exploration. Let kids dream of splashing in a lake, sailing down slides, and running along tree-lined trails in this quaint scene. You can almost smell the pine and fresh air.   Size:27" x 27"...
from $35

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