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Baby Shower Game: Baby Name Race


The guests have 1 minute to come up with baby names for each letter of the alphabet. The guests with the most names wins! 


Prep Time: 15 minutes 

1. Print Pre-made Printable (Cardstock Preferred)

2. Gather Supplies For Game

Will Need:

  • Pens
  • Clipboards
  • Printable Below (Don't forget computer ink and paper/cardstock) 
  • Timer
  • Prize for Winner

Play Time: 5-10 minutes. Hand out game cards, pens, and clipboards. Explain directions to guests. Give the guests 1 minute to answer. The guest with the most names wins! If there are multiple guests who are able to complete the list or you have multiple guests with the same number of names, compare the winners lists to the other guests. To do this, ask the other guests, by show of hands, if anyone had written the baby name that the winners wrote down. If a guest raises their hand subtract 1 point. After going through the list, tally up who had the most points. 



Use our pre-made template

Download free printable baby shower game 


Baby Name Race Baby Shower Game
How to print two to a page:

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