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Baby Shower Game: We're Having A Baby


This is a great interactive game for guests that is sure to bring lots of giggles! The goal is for the team to blowup all their balloons, place under their shirts, and then pop the balloons one at a time. The first team to complete this challenge wins!


Prep Time: 15 minutes 

1. Print Pre-made Printable Card Rules (Cardstock Preferred). 

2.  Gather Supplies For Game

Will Need:

  • Printable Below (Don't forget computer ink and paper/cardstock) 
  • Pack of Balloons (Make sure there are enough for the amount of guests)
  • Pack of Safety Pins (Make sure there are enough for the amount of guests)
  • Mini Prizes for Team (4-5 depending on how big you make your teams)

Play Time: 15-30 minutes. This is a great game to do to gets guests up and moving and for great entertainment! Assemble your baby shower guests in teams of the same number (we recommend 4-5 guests per team) and have each team stand in line. When the host says "GO," the first team member must blow up their balloon and stick it under their shirt. Then the second team member can blow their balloon up and stick it under their shirt. Continue until all the team members have their balloons blown up and under their shirts. Then the first team member must pop the balloon through their shirt with a pin and then the second team member until the entire team has popped their balloons. If you don't want to use safety pins, you can have team members try to pop their balloons by bumping "bellies" against each other to burst the balloons. The team who pops all their balloons first WINS!


Use our pre-made template 

Download Free Baby Shower Game


Baby Shower Game: We're Having A Baby
How to print two to a page:

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