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Exactly HOW Soft Are Sew Loved Blankets?

Softest Baby Blankets

They’re luxuriously soft. 

Still, not all fabric is created equally. 

All our blanket backings (the plush, non-patterned side) come from Shannon Fabrics—a high-end textile producer we love and trust. But the look and feel of each fabric varies.

We use five of the softest, minky fabrics: Llama, Sherpa, Dimple, Hide, and Seal. All are carefully sewn onto the back of our chic, adorable prints. 

Minky fabric means the material is 100% polyester. What makes appearances vary is the length of the thread—the pile—rising from each fabric base. 

Pile height is about appearance, absorbency, warmth, and a textured feel. It’s not about actual softness. A shorter pile can still feel extra smooth, as long as it contains the same (polyester) material. 

Still, having some pile adds a heightened sense of style and touch.


Five Fab Fabric Backings

You can’t go wrong with any of these plush textiles. All are supple and pliant. 

The best backing comes down to personal preference. 

Sherpa Cuddle by Shannon Fabrics


Imagine fluffy, cloudy lamb’s wool, but 100% softer. 

Although they slightly curl, Llama threads reach a tall 30mm—the longest pile we offer.

Sherpa Cuddle by Shannon Fabrics


Similar to the Llama, Sherpa fabric resembles sheep’s wool—or your favorite cushy carpet. Its curly nature makes its pile look shorter than it is, but at 12mm, it’s still as soft as an underbelly (with even more texture!). 

Shannon Cuddle Embossed Dimple


Imagine raised velvet the consistency of silk and—voilà—you have 3mm high, Dimpled fabric. 

Beyond being fun to caress, we think the pattern of embossed dimples is especially charming.

Cuddle Hide by Shannon Fabrics


Aptly named, this fabric allows you to cozy-up with faux animal hide

We love that the 10mm pile has a shiny, glamorous look and a fuzzy, furry feel. It’s wonderful to touch! 

Cuddle Seal by Shannon Fabrics


At 15mm in height, Seal has the second-tallest threads. It resembles a soft, warm rug—or an animal’s fluffy fur. 

Polyester Plush Is Hypoallergenic and Easy to Wash

It’s not all about appearances, of course, or how amazingly comfy something is. (Although, that’s the bulk of it!)

The last thing any newborn or new parent needs is to encounter an allergic reaction. 

Beyond its lush look, the beauty of plush fabric is its hypoallergenic properties. You won’t have to worry about disturbing sweet, sensitive skin. 

Also, no parent has time for hand-washing—especially those blankies that are so well-loved and so heavily battered.

This is another reason why polyester is an amazing choice; it’s easy to clean! All fabrics are machine-wash cold and tumble-dry low. 

Shannon Fabrics states that, “loosening of...textured twists is normal, especially from drying on low heat and everyday use, but it stays super soft through it all!”

Don’t worry; all hand-sewn blankets arrive with washing instructions. We know this can be especially helpful when sent as a gift. But you won’t have to remember, either. 

Our Print Fabric Is Soft, Too

Shopping for a baby blanket means finding a print as cute as can be. But it also means finding fabric that’s soft and touchable on both sides. 

We use two types of topside print fabric: Super Snuggle Flannel and Digital Cuddle.  

The different prices on our site come down to the type of print used. 

Snuggle Snuggle Flannel, 100% cotton

Super Snuggle Flannel

This flannel is 100% soft cotton. Without a pile, it’s not plush or uber-cuddly, but it’s still inviting and pleasant to the skin. 

Flannel also provides a smooth, even-toned appearance to print patterns and a lightweight contrast to heavier backing. 

It’s convenient, less expensive, and popular enough to allow a myriad of pattern choices. 

Digital Cuddle Print by Shannon Fabric

Digital Cuddle

These digital prints from Shannon Fabrics are just as plush as our backings. They’re made of minky fabric with a 2.5mm pile, offering a more muted texture contrast to backings than Super Snuggle Flannel. 

Pure splendor on both sides of a blanket is always a winning combo. 

When it comes to prints or backings, whichever side your kiddo ends up cuddling will be the best side. And no matter the blanket you choose, we know the child in your life will feel loved in its warm embrace.

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