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Summer Starts Sweetly With Fairy-Tale June

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Fairy Tale June Baby Blankets on Sale

Summer is the built-in season for adventure and play. And June is just the beginning.

But for babies and kids, this life-style is best met year-round. Every day is a stretch of the imagination, and anything is possible. 

Childhood isn’t complete without this wide world of fantasy. 

The environment surrounding kids today is already a part of their futures. Even a simple yet magical fairy tale print can lay the earliest foundations of make-believe and creativity. Especially because our blankets are uniquely made for each child.

So, embrace the whimsical and imaginative. Allow kids to revel in wonder, think outside the box, and believe in magical stories—all while wrapped in a soft, warm cuddle

Unicorns DO Exist

Magic is Real Unicorn Baby Blanket - Pink

If rainbows are real, unicorns must exist! This pleasing pattern is covered in bright colors, words of affirmation, and visions of unicorns playing in sunshine. Even the smallest of babes will feel surrounded in joy and melt into the plush, sherpa fabric.

Aruba Sleepy Unicorn Minky Baby Blanket

A sleepier unicorn pattern, these colors are calm and tickled with pink. Young eyes can pick out patterns on each unicorn while tiny fingers play with plush, dimpled polyester the color of the sea.

Medieval Magic

Blue Cuddle Dragon Baby Blanket

Dragons aren’t just fire-breathing. Brave young knights have steadfast and domesticated pet dragons. They can even attend playful, cake-serving parties together! Backed with cool-blue, plush hide, this scene is as charming as it is fantastical. 

These dragons DO breathe typical fire. But like your little one, they’re still sweet and cute—even if they’re guarding a princess in the castle and ready to battle a (little) knight in shining armor. Plush hide will leave your tyke soft as a bug in a medieval rug.

Build Your Own Magic

Build your own Fairy Tale baby blanket

Prefer to build your own blanket with a fairy tale theme?  All fairy tale prints within the Create a Blanket are also 10% off in June.

Shop All Fairy Tale Blankets

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