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A Carefully Crafted Blanket Means So Much More

Handcrafted baby blankets

Each baby is special, precious—one-in-a-billion. 

That’s why baby blankets should be one-of-a-kind, too. 

These days, you may not have time to sew a baby blanket from scratch. Maybe you lack a sewing machine or even stitching skills. Still, you want to order a blanket that’s individual and homemade. 

It used to be a common luxury to hand-pick materials at the fabric store. It was easy to touch and sift through multiple options and see non-digitized colors. Textiles could be chosen with confidence. Now, product choices boil down to subjective reviews.

With modern purchasing through common online stores, hand-chosen, home-crafted products are harder to find. This is quickly leading to a gap in personalized quality. Gifts don’t feel as remarkable or as cherished as they once did. 

It’s a problem we aim to solve. 

Elizabeth sewing baby blankets by hand

We know that customization is more impactful than a generic, mass-produced blanket. Kids and their parents don’t want to run into other kids with the same product. Blankets should be as irreplaceable as a favorite stuffed animal.

Our products are not only made by hand—they are completely made-to-order. With our Create-a-Blanket option, you can add a name, nickname, or any term of endearment to the print and plush backing of your choice. 

The look and feel of each fabric can vary, so we want to give customers the power to create that ideal combination. This includes dozens of patterns to choose from and even more backings and colors to compliment each chosen print.

You can even request a pattern you don’t see. Maybe you’d like flexibility against gender norms and prefer pink dinosaurs and green unicorns. Perhaps you’d like more control over prints and colors when matching a specific nursery or bedroom theme. 

Beyond Create-a-Blanket, we offer multiple avenues for finding that perfect product. Our Gift Finder asks questions to narrow down existing options. From a favorite animal to a favorite color, the right blanket can be quickly pinpointed. 

Find a custom baby blanket

One style does not fit all. And customers deserve to find a product that will be cherished for years to come.

Instead of defaulting to an assembly line, choose a product that’s created with intention. 

A blanket for an exceptional child should have an exceptional beginning.

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