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Limited Time Dinosaurs Baby Blankets: Save 10%

65 million years ago, dinosaurs went down in history. This July, we honor them by taking 10% off dinosaur-themed blankets.

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Dino baby blankets for Dinosaur themed nursery

Prehistoric is always in style. Especially when it comes to adorable, dyno-mite prints! 

That’s exactly why these awesome patterns can be the perfect gift for the baby or toddler in your life. 

In most households, dinosaurs are celebrities. (If this isn’t the case in your home, it soon will be.) 

There’s the fierce T-Rex with useless arms, the gentle giant Brachiosaurus, and the armor-plated Stegosaurus—to name a perennially popular few.

Perhaps it’s the way they met their fate that made them go down as legends. Or maybe they just look cool. Either way, they’re famous fossils...and even the youngest of kids respect and admire them. 


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