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Nostalgia without the wet dog smell

West Point gray blanket for babies

The United States Military Academy is reserved for the toughest of soldiers, and as a Plebe (first year cadet), sleeping with the rough, gray Army blanket at ‘Beast Barracks’ is the first of many hurdles.

However, as much as you hated that piece of wool, it kept you warm; and after four achingly long years, you were a West Point graduate.

The Sew Loved Shop is founded and operated by a West Point graduate and other military family members, and we understand that sense of pride. It’s the fierce loyalty that comes from blood, sweat, and tears.

However, you don’t need to repeat your U.S.M.A. experience anytime soon. You prefer soft blankets these days.

West Point alumni deserve to celebrate their achievements and pass them along to their kin… ideally in a less painful way. That’s why we’ve designed unique baby and child-sized blankets that resemble those notorious cadet blankets—without the wooly scratchiness and tough love.

You’ve reached the time to invest in cuddles, not basic training.

Our cadet themed gray blankets are sewn with a soft cuddle gray plush with furry hide plush stripes. And, like all blankets should be, they’re easily machine washable and don’t smell like a wet dog when wet.

Each blanket is made to order and can be customized for your preferences. For example, if you don’t want the large U.S.M.A. lettering, you can replace it with a child’s name in the same style. We also offer custom embroidery on the back corner of the blanket. This can be the child’s name, “Class of 2044,” or a classic “Beat Navy.” Better safe than sorry to have your child grow up to be a Squid.

One day soon, we hope to expand to our other military branches, too. So, stay tuned! You all have a lot to be proud of and to pass along to future generations.

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