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Blankets Perfectly Sized for Your Kid

Blankets Perfectly Sized for Your Kid

Despite most claims, one size rarely fits all—especially when it comes to kids. 

It’s not exactly fashionable when a four-year-old’s sleeves hit the ground, or an 18-month’s overall bottoms turn into skinny-jean capris. 

Even though our littles are naturally cute, we still want to dress them accordingly. And, considering how much they use blankets, it’s helpful when those aren’t over or undersized, either.

Our customized blankets are purposely designed for more than one size and purpose, because luxury—and the best customer service—is about a tailored fit.

And every kiddo in the world deserves a blanket that feels just right.  


These blankets may be the smallest, but they’re still warm, plush, and perfect for a fresh start. 

Measuring 27”x27”, it could be perfect, all wrapped-up in a bow, when you show up at the hospital with greeting bells on. 

It’s a baby blanket you’ll personalize with a monogram or customize to match a nursery room theme. 

Newborn blankets are, by design, to be used from day one. They can tuck-in a newborn taking his first ride home in the car seat, or a two-week-old falling asleep in her baby swing.

And because they’re tailored for tininess, there won’t be a lot of extra material hanging off or for newborns to become engulfed in. 

They’ll just be perfectly enveloped, nice and snug, and waiting for your cuddles.


The infant size is our most popular blanket because of its versatility. 

It’s a customized baby blanket you can gift at a baby shower, but that kids can use through more than just the infant stage. It may be a little oversized at the beginning and a bit undersized towards the end, but it will be loved for years.

Most tykes need a bigger blanket to interact and grow with. That’s why we hand make our infant blankets at a slightly bigger 28”x40”

It can be for newbies who’ve reached milestones, like lifting their heads off your chest and starting to laugh and smile. Maybe they’ve gained a few extra pounds and are practicing tummy time. 

Kids can roll over onto this soft, cushioned plush, easily nuzzle with the hypoallergenic material, and drool all over a print that’s easily washable. 

Or, it could be well loved and used by toddlers. It can be a small, plush throw for family movie night or a soft bed for their baby dolls. 

And, while these aren’t big enough to fit a crib, they still offer plenty of coverage. 


Just imagine comforting your 3-year-old—who just bruised his knee—with a double cuddle, dimpled blanket that covers you both. 

Or, picture a chilly winter’s eve (or extra air-conditioned house!), with a plush, adorable print your child loves to snuggle on the couch with. 

It could become everything from your child’s blankie to the base of your living room campout. 

At 40”x52”, these blankets are big enough to grace an entire toddler bed. Plus, they’re softer than most sheets and comforters. They’re cute, yet provide plenty of practical comfort and warmth. 

We’ve made it easy for you to search our blankets by size. Just check one of the boxes on the left-side search bar of the Shop All tab, and voilà!

Just know that no matter your child’s age, size, or current milestone—there’s a blanket that’s perfect for this stage. The most important thing is finding the right one.
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