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Baby Shower Games? We’ve Got You Covered

Baby Shower Game Printables

Baby showers honor new life, but they are also practical. They’re meant to provide parents with useful items for the journey ahead. 

But showering parents with diapers and white onesies doesn’t need to get in the way of fun and creativity!

Whether lavish or lax, the best baby showers have something that gives them an edge. They have pizzazz. It could be a great theme, fabulous venue, customized gift, or a fun game or two.

If it’s shower game ideas you’re after, forget about Pinterest or extensive Google research. And don’t think you have to resort to melted candy bars in “dirty” diapers, either.

Because you’re busy coordinating the other shower details, we’ve helped by creating a slew of FREE, printable baby shower game templates on your behalf. Designed on Canva, these templates can be personalized or printed as-is to make this aspect of your party planning, well, complete!

Each link to our game templates, like Meet the Peeps, also includes gameplay instructions and a list of necessary materials. Prep is that easy.

A Baby Shower to Remember

This may not be when you splurge on an open bar or stay out as late as you did for the bachelor/bachelorette party. But considering the personalities of the parents-to-be, fun baby shower games can be a lively and cheerful way to make this event a memorable hit.

First, check with your honoree/s. It may not be your intention, but some games could place mom and dad in an additional, undesired spotlight. The true goal of any shower activity is to appropriately celebrate the parents, loosen the environment for guests, and encourage genuine laughter from all. 

Setting a welcome stage for a newborn should be a celebratory time. It can be classy without being stuffy. It can honor the parents without embarrassing them. And you don’t have to break the ice, literally, with frozen, plastic baby props—we promise! 

Check out all of our baby shower game templates now, and have fun hosting a fabulous shower!

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