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School Fundraisers That’ll Leave You Feeling Warm and Cozy

Custom Made Blanket Fundraiser

Retail therapy can feel oh-so-good—especially as a soft and cuddly blanket! 

But what feels even better? 

Retail therapy through charity

You’re not just spending money on something you want. You’re raising money for the school or organization you’re passionate about. 

Forget about online fundraisers and in-person events you’re tired of supporting and promoting. You’re done goading friends and family into buying coupon books, car washes, and gift wrap. 

This is NOT your average fun run or bake sale.

Our blanket fundraisers are different, and for good reason. They’re useful, novel, and oh so soft and cuddly! You’ll want to buy these blankets, and so will everyone else.

After all, students and teachers actually need something to stay warm on fall football nights, watching from the bleachers. Your kids actually need blankets to stay warm in their beds and for late-night studying. And what parent refuses a soft school blanket for couch-surfing on movie night?

Custom-Made Blankets for Your Fundraising Cause

With proper licensing for your school, organization, or club, we’ll make a customized blanket with your logo and theme—like this Midway Panthers blanket—in a size that fits your preferences. 

If you lack licensing, we can make a version inspired by your organization that is trademark-free (like this Baylor-inspired blanket). 

Advantages Over Other Fundraisers

There’s no need to invest in advance in a bulk of inventory that may not sell. These blankets are made to order and will sell!  

So, don’t make students solicit door to door to pay for the next little league tournament or out-of-state orchestra trip. You can reach the same family, friends, neighbors, and local businesses online with minimal volunteer obligation. 

Just post the fundraiser on social media (or, maybe hand out some flyers), and let our online link perform the bulk of the work!

You can also add a level of personalization that isn’t available elsewhere, like embroidered class years, club nicknames, and anything that makes your organization unique. 

How Our Fundraiser Works

Once you submit a completed contact form, we work together to design your ideal, custom blanket. When finalized, you’ll be given a special link that tracks all sales. 

We also provide marketing assistance, like building Canva graphics for your site link and a printable flyer. 

With every blanket or custom product purchased, $10 or more (depending on the determined blanket price) goes to your school, sports team, club, or PTA. Or, with our easy-to-apply online affiliate program, donations equal 10% of each purchase.

These earnings can either be distributed at the end of your fundraiser, or monthly when running for an extended period of time. 

Fulfillment Options

Our most common fulfillment option is to dropship individual blanket orders directly to the purchaser. This fee can be paid separately through exact shipping costs, or, when sent to the organization, built into each blanket sale. 

The second option after receiving all blanket orders is to send them in bulk to your organization. You’ll pay exact shipping costs and distribute the blankets as necessary. It’s so easy!

Plush and minky cuddles for the fundraising-goal win.

Requesting donations, either directly or through a product, is often a dreaded chore, but it no longer has to be. You can give your kids more opportunities and enhance their extracurriculars without the guilt and nuisance. 

Because, who doesn’t want to feel soft and warm?

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