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Baby Shower Games, Games, & More Games!

The Sew Loved Shop's Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Planning a baby shower is no joke. There is so much that goes into each one. So to help make life easier, we have put together a running list of baby shower games. Each game has a free, editable game that can be customized, printed, and ready to use! We also included prep time and play time because we all know time gets away from you at these events. Plus, a list of items you'll need to play each game to add to your shopping list.  

 1. A-Z Baby Items: The guests have 3 minutes to come up with baby items for every letter of the alphabet!

2. What's in the Basket Memory Game: The host places 24 baby items in a basket and walks around the room. Then the guests have to write down as many items they can remember. The guest with the most points wins. The basket full of goodies can double as a baby shower gift as well!

3. Baby Animal Names: The guest have to fill in the blank as many animal baby names they can in 2 minutes. The guest with the most points wins. 

 4. Word Scramble: The guest have 2 minutes to unscramble the baby related words. This one is harder than it looks! 

 5. Nursery Rhymes Trivia: The guests have 3 minutes to answer these questions. 

6. Baby Book Emoji Pictionary: This is a crowd favorite! The guests have to guess what children's book the emojis represent. This is a great mix of old and new book titles. 

7. Who Knows Mommy Best: The guest circle the activity or item the mom-to-be likes best. Make sure to have the mom-to-be fill out before you play. 

8. Guess Who Mom or Dad: This is a great game to play at a co-ed baby shower! The guest circle either the mom or dad for each statement.

9. Guess the BumpCan you guess the baby bump size? Hold the string around your waist and snip it where you think it will fit around mommy's baby bump. Wrap the string around this card and place your name on it. Closest guess wins!

10. Meet the Peeps: This is a great icebreaker game. The host gathers facts from the guests who RSVP they are coming. When the guest arrive, they have to find the guest with the fact that pertains to them and write their name down. 

11. Words of Wisdom: This can be something guest fill out as they enter the door. If you want to make it into a game, read them aloud later and guests have to guess who wrote it. 

12. Baby PredictionsThis can be something guest fill out as they enter the door. If you want to make it into a game, read them aloud later and guests have to guess who wrote it. 

13. BINGO with Baby Gifts: This game is meant to be played during the gift opening to help the guest partake and have fun!

14. What Am I: Guests try to guess the baby item word on the back of their shirt. This is a great ice breaker and interactive game for guests to mingle and have fun at the beginning of shower.

15. The Price is Right: This is a fun guessing game to play at showers. You can pick up each item and give a description and have your guests write down a price as a guess. The guest to get the closest price without going over gets a gift.

16. Diaper Relay Race: This is a great game to do to gets guests up and moving and for great entertainment! Two teams race against the clock to change a baby doll's diaper, swaddle, and pass to the next team member. First team to complete the challenge wins!

17. How Old is Mommy: Have guests guess the soon-to-be mom's age from childhood pictures. This is a fun way to display pictures of mom-to-be as a child and use it to help decorate for the shower. 

18. Baby Shower Family FeudIf you like family feud, you'll enjoy this game. Guests have cards and they write the answer they believe is the most popular to the question. The responses are sure to have you giggling!

19. Late Night DiapersGuests write words of encouragement or something funny on a diaper. This interactive activity for guests to partake in will allow the parents-to-be to enjoy later when changing diapers.

20. Celebrity Baby Names: For guests who think they know all the celebrity gossip, this game will put that to the test. Each guest has to match the correct baby name to the celebrity mom. The guest with the most points wins!

21. What's In Your Purse: If you are looking for an easy, low prep shower game, this game is for you. This can be played individually at an activity table/placed at each seat or as a group. The guests look through their purse for the items on the list and tally up their points. The guest with the most points wins!

22. Pacifier Hunt: This is a fun twist on a scavenger hunt. The host will hide 30 pacifiers throughout shower and have guests hunt for them. The person who collects the most wins! This is a great game to do when prepping for gift opening to keep everyone entertained. 

23. Disney Parent MatchFor guests who love Disney, this game will put their knowledge to the test. Each guest has to match the correct parents to the Disney character. The guest with the most points wins!

24. True or False: For guests who love trivia and brain-teasers, this game will put their knowledge to the test. Each guest has to choose true or false to the statements. The guest with the most points wins!

25. Baby Shower Name Race: The guests have 1 minute to come up with baby names for each letter of the alphabet. The guests with the most names wins! 

26. Dad JokesTry not to roll your eyes as you guess the answers to these dad jokes in 1 minute. The guest with the most correct wins!

27. Decorating StationGuests decorate onesies, bibs, or headbands for the baby-to-be. This activity allows guests to get in touch with their crafty side and the parents-to-be will enjoy using these later. Make this into a competition and let the mom-to-be pick her favorite design. 

28. Name That Baby Tune: Have baby/kid songs picked out ahead of time. Play 10-15 seconds of the song. Each guest has to write down what they think the title of the song is. The guest with the most points wins!

29. Don't Say Baby: Guests grab a clothespin upon entry to the baby shower and clip it onto their clothes. If a guest says the word "baby" the other guests can take their clothespin and add it to their collection. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins. 

30. Baby Around The World: For guests who love a good brain teaser and trivia, this game is for you. Each guest has to match the correct word for "Baby" to the correct language. The guest with the most points wins!

31. We're Having A Baby: This is a great interactive game for guests that is sure to bring lots of giggles! The goal is for the team to blowup all their balloons, place under their shirts, and then pop the balloons one at a time. The first team to complete this challenge wins!

32. Guess Baby's Gender: This can be something guests fill out as they enter the door and place in basket for the parents-to-be to have as a keepsake, or make it a game at a gender reveal party. 

33. Diaper Raffle: This is a great way to help the parents-to-be stock up on all those diapers they will need! Each guests who brings a pack of diapers is able to enter their name into the raffle. The mom-to-be or hostess draws a name during the shower and awards the prize!

34. Books For BabyIt is a simple request that is included in the invitation to the guests that they bring a book instead of a card and write their message on the inside cover.  This is a way for the parents-to-be to build up their book collection for the baby. 

35. Baby Shower Invitations: We made baby shower invitations for you to use. We also included diaper raffle tickets and books for baby if the parents-to-be choose to do these as well. 

36. Baby Shower Guest Book: This is something the hostess fills out for the parents-to-be during the gift opening section. It makes a great keepsake. We also recommend having a station for the guests to fill out their address on the thank you note envelopes to make it easier for the parents-to-be. 

37. Baby Shower Thank You Cards: We made baby shower thank you notes for the parent-to-be to use after the baby shower. They can personalize and send them out!

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