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Custom-Made Baby Blankets You Can’t Find Elsewhere

customizable baby blanket by size, print, color, and anything else you desire

 Customers are often shopping for something that doesn’t exist. Or, maybe it’s tricky to find.

You might need a uniquely-themed baby blanket for your sister’s unconventional baby shower.

Or, your military friends with a newborn would go crazy over an Army tank bib.

And, if you could score a school-inspired baby blanket for your soon-to-be grandson’s sports-themed nursery, it’d be a baby gift for the win. 

But scouring the internet produces zero results. Or, what comes up isn’t quite right.

Until today, that is.

By submitting a custom-order request for the baby blanket, bib, or burp cloth you have in mind, we help you create it. You don’t have to waste one moment on a fruitless internet search. 

Companies often forget that the root word of customer is custom. This means companies should be accustomed to making custom products. 

Items that are tailored, personalized, and made for you (or that little one).

Retailers know they can’t satisfy every customer—not with a warehouse full of stock. But they should still try harder.

That faux fur minky bib, the neon pink throw blanket for your eclectic home decor, or the personalized child-sized blanket may be more random requests, but they’re no less important. 

Your creative ideas and gifts are worth making. 

While we already offer a create-a-blanket tool, our custom order request form allows you to choose a unique print, color, and size (under 60” x 60”) for any blanket. 

Your options have already gone from zero to nearly limitless. 

Once you let us know what you’re looking for, we research the best fabric choices and patterns for you. Then we compile an email with samples you can peruse and choose from.

After approving the prototype, we send you a digital invoice and...voilà! You will soon receive the specialized product you wanted, needed, and simply couldn’t find.     

Prices for custom blankets may be slightly higher (we may not be able to buy that special fabric or print in bulk). But the difference for getting exactly what you want? It’s worth it. 

Create-your-own-custom products are born to be cherished...just like the little ones you’re buying them for.  

So let us invest our time in them for you. 

With your inspiration and our resources, we will create the right product. And, it will mean that much more.

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