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What Is Minky Fabric (and Why Is It So Popular)?

What is Minky Fabric

Minky fabric is more than a smooth sensation; it’s an entire experience. 

While it sounds like it’s sourced from a mink, minky is synthetic. It’s a humane option compared to the sale of animal fur and hides, and it’s brought to you by 100% polyester. 

Polyester is ultra soft because it’s composed of bendy, plastic fiber cylinders that are smooth and difficult to wrinkle. Minky is made from even thinner microfiber strands. And those are knitted for give and flexibility. 

In a nutshell, minky baby blankets are perfectly engineered. Their synthetic properties make them hypo-allergenic, easy to wash, and built to last. These are the baby blankets that survive the rough play and bottle spills and are lovingly passed down to the next generation. 

Cuddle Minky Is the Softest Polyester Around

Pure polyester comes in many forms. Minky and fleece, for example, are both 100%, knitted polyester. But according to Shannon Fabrics, fleece “was designed as a more durable and lighter replacement for wool, so it has the scratchier, not-as-soft feel some people prefer.”

Cuddle minky on the other hand, a trademark of Shannon Fabrics, has been further formulated for softness alone. And it succeeds. It feels like velvet, silk, and the softest faux fur combined. 

Essentially, what minky is to polyester, Shannon Fabric’s Cuddle fabric is to minky. That’s why all our products contain it. Some have Cuddle fabric on both sides, while others contain a single side with contrasting flannel. 

And, even Cuddle minky has subsections! These include Llama, Sherpa, Dimple, Hide, and Seal. Different pile heights and embossed styles make these varieties look and feel surprisingly different. But they’re all pliable, supple, and primed for nuzzling. 

Why Minky Is Worth the Price

Investing in a personalized minky blanket is purchasing the best product and material of its kind on the market. It’s high-quality, durable, and designed for maximum comfort.

But there’s another reason why minky costs more—each handmade baby blanket can contain around $20-$50 worth of material. It depends on blanket size and whether you order blankets like double cuddle or single-sided minky.  

But with a material so thick and lustrous, we prefer it to be part of every square inch. This means our products lack filler additions, like satin trim. 

Buying minky means averting a generic baby blanket and getting the best, yet still affordable one. It’s the baby blanket gift that makes the biggest splash, either at the baby shower or as a welcome home from the hospital. And it’s the custom-made toddler blanket that dons a name and favorite animal print to be loved for all time.

Minky is more than a blanket. It’s an atmosphere, a mood, and fond memories. It’s why you want to wrap your newborn in minky, drape minky over a sleeping toddler, and cuddle with minky on the couch. 

These blankets exude the best of life and welcome the world’s newcomers with warmth, comfort, and happiness.

Allow them the pleasure of minky bliss! 

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